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For my birthday,
support me & treat yourself at the same time !

My birthday is Nov 25th but you can book your package until Dec 25th 2022 ;)

Video Crowdfunding explanations

Video Crowdfunding Packages

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With Marie Ayala, co-founder of the Champ duPresent, we share with you our first steps in the construction of the Champ du Present, and how you can participate! In French language

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A private time together. Listening and sharing according to a need of the moment, whether through a body practice or in an exchange.

We make an appointment of 1h30 together.

1 session: 70€

5 sessions: 350€

10 sessions: 700€

Click here

Intensive INDIVIDUAL accompaniment

The objective of this 6-month accompaniment is to give you the essential tools to realize that you have unlimited access to your own inner resources and activate them when you need them. 1h30 per week.

3 rates according to your financial capacities:

1700 €,Click here

2400 €,Click here

3800 €,Click here

Vagues parfaites

open-up communication

We meet as a group to enlighten and learn together how to better connect with ourselves and with each others: to understand what listening or empathy really mean, to express ourselves authentically, clearly and effectively, to open up and be creative to what life brings in our path.

3 rates according to your financial capacities:

450€,Click here

600€,Click here

750€,Click here


1 DAY IN le champ du PRESENT

Morning: activities with me
Afternoon: activities on site or free time
You are our guests on the site: You will be invited for meals, and depending on the progress of the renovation and the number of people, you can also stay on-site free of charge.

Individual offer: €300 / day,Click here

Group offer (from 3 to 5 people): 1000 € / day,Click here



Offer your employees a revitalization day with practices related to the body, spirit & mind, and communication to find energy, emotional stability, and a better connection in the team.

In Le Champ du Présent or at your company site.

A day in The Field of the Present

Indicative rates for 4 people: €2500

Additional person: 450 €

* This offer starts in January 2024

A day for your company according to the needs

Dates / times / place / activities / rates to be determined together.


You can also make me a loan that I will start to pay back in 2 years. We can see together what is more comfortable for you regarding the timing. Of course, if it's a small amount, I could pay you back before the two years. No amount is more valuable than another. Every loan is a real support to me.

Three proposed options:

- Solidarity loan without interest

- Loan with interest between 1 to 8%.

- Loan with interest in services I render

Ballons suspendus dans la rue


If the open heart is there and you feel like supporting me, I am in gratitude and fully open to receiving your donation. No amount is more valuable than another. Every donation is a real support for me.

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