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When we spend time together, I’m not only offering a session but all my life experience that I’ve built going through my deepest fears & most infinite joy, undergoing destabilizing doubts as well as discovering my shiniest light…


I offer a part of me, a space of my inner peace that is reflecting in my soft, sincere and kind presence.


I then hope this will allow you to re-discover your own light, this ray of joy that makes you love your life.  

Upcoming Events here

Nous pouvons nous retrouver lors :

  • des sessions que j'organise en groupe en ligne ou en présentiel (voir l'onglet Events),

  • de sessions individuelles privées (seul, en couple ou en famille),

  • de sessions de groupe si vous avez un besoin en entreprise,

  • de sessions en groupe qui font sens pour vous avec vos proches.



Session for Couple



Session Individuelle



I have at heart to allow the accessibility of my sessions to all and at the same time, to find a financial balance which gives me flexibility, simplicity and power of action in life. Putting a price is both a way of giving value to what I offer as well as honoring what has allowed me to get where I am today.


At the same time, I would like to encourage you to ask yourself the question of what is really important to you: where do I want to use my money? What value do I give to what I receive?

Also, I decided to set up 3 different rates for each session and special subscription rates for 3 months and 1 year for Meditation and Open Up Communication sessions. I trust that with everyone's sincere and fair participation, a balance will naturally fall into place, which will allow me to continue to offer these options.

The Root offer: for small grants.

The Earth offer: for scholarships that are in financial balance.
The Heaven offer:   for solidarity scholarships in support of others.
The Universe offer: subscription for 3 consecutive months for enthusiasts.

The Infinite Offer: 1 year subscription for great explorers.





To buy your ticket for a single session,

go to section





choose your session,

make the payment directly by going to the end of the description of the session.

Pour les abonnements et les sessions individuelles, cliquez ci-dessous

If these prices are still too high for you, we can always find a solution. Money should not be an obstacle, however it probably allows you to see your own momentum to participate. If you cannot honor these amounts but your enthusiasm is vast, do not hesitate to contact me.

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