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Be Yourself, everyone else is already taken

HAPPYCULTRICE, cultivating joy in life !

Each day, I’m going in my inner garden to take care of all these joyful & colorful flowers with delicate fragrances, so fragile and precious to me.

I only realize now that during all these years, I had to call upon a very great deal of courage, faith and kindness for myself in order to enjoy this amazingly joyful garden where today, I simply feel home.

I often meet people who also have their garden but some totally forgot about it or don’t really care for it, others don’t know how to cultivate it while some people only need advice.

I think cultivating one’s own inner garden is the key for a happy blooming life.

When I notice it can take so little to change things around, I wholeheartedly want to share the experience I have in cultivating joy and support people who want to get some guidance on how to take great care of their precious garden.  

There is no perfect garden, only the one you feel warm and comfortable in. There is no secret; a garden needs to be cultivated day by day with love, attention and pleasure.

In this way, I support groups, individuals, couples and families to understand themselves better, to enhance their communication and above all, to love themselves the way they are. I help them to light up their joyful flame coming from their deeper self and to simply find their happiness from within.  


I integrate tools I’ve met in my life path: Meditation, Open Up Communication, Taiji, Qigong, Qi Dance, Sarbacana and Oracle Cards. Yes, all these practices - which keep teaching me everyday,

are helping me to realign myself and thus, to better share my zest for life.


I’m also vibrating with you through articles about how life can be a powerful teacher.

I hope they will give you some light in your own path.

"Joy is the Essence of Succes " 

La Méditation, les pratiques du Qi (Qigong, Taiji, Sarbacana, Qi Dance) et la Communication NonViolente me soutiennent au quotidien dans mon cheminement et j’ai à cœur de pouvoir les partager avec toute la profondeur que j’ai pu y puiser jusqu’à aujourd’hui.   

Au départ, je m’essayais dans ces différentes pratiques indépendamment les unes des autres. Petit à petit, elles se sont reliées harmonieusement si bien qu’elles s’unissent maintenant de manière naturelle et cohérente dans ma vie. J’y trouve une puissante complémentarité et une clarté du chemin à suivre dans cette conscience du corps, de l'esprit et de la parole. Je suis sans cesse invitée à revenir au cœur de mon être, dans mon centre et à retrouver mon équilibre de vie. De ce fait, les sessions que je propose sont le reflet de l’union de ces pratiques. 

Consciente que les approches peuvent résonner de manière différente selon son parcours de vie, j’ai mis en place différents types d’ateliers/stages axés sur une pratique centrale mais où l’on retrouvera toujours la complémentarité avec les autres pratiques.  



— Tania Kondratieva, Bulgaria

Since I met Phounkeo my life has changed 180 degrees.

I believe that meeting her was not an accident, somehow Phounkeo appears in people's lives just right when they need it.

She gave me courage and inspiration to see that we truly have


Life is extremely beautiful in every angle and if you do not think so all the time, Phounkeo will help you to see the simple miracles. 

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