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Mon, May 03


Online via the Zoom app

WORKSHOP | Breath of life

Offer yourself a space to settle down, to finely observe how body, spirit and speech can realign in yourself and with others.

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WORKSHOP | Breath of life
WORKSHOP | Breath of life


May 03, 2021, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Online via the Zoom app


“ The only thing you’ve been asked for when arrived on earth, is to be yourself. ”


Stop searching for something and allow yourself to just be. Enter a space of receptivity listening to breath’s life where inner light can naturally spring out.

Offer yourself a space to settle down, to finely observe how body, spirit and speech can realign in yourself and with others: a subtle space of consciousness is opening.

Put the light on your breath in its entirety. Exploring the different states of beings bound to it, is to sincerely acknowledge the current states in your own physical, mental and spiritual map.

A path for connection can now begin, it instantly unfolds in the acceptation of what is happening right now in the present moment.

In this space, no comparison with others becomes possible, the reference is no longer the outside, but in the inside. A new way to look at yourself, others and the world can open up.

Thus, your daily life can be infused by the inner space being revealed in yourself…

I’m starting to understand “ There is no goal, the path is the goal. ”

These sessions invite you to :

  • let yourself being surprised by your own breath of life
  • explore the movements of each of your body’s joints
  • visit your breath in its both mobility and immobility
  • deepen your relationship with your emotions
  • fully taste your life path in its comforts and discomforts

Through meditation, Qigong, Qi Dance, the path of Sarbacana and NonViolent Communication, Phounkeo guides you in the exploration of these life awakening practices. Inviting the body to find its balance whilst finely opening to the freedom of being.

On these practices’ infinite path of discovery, Phounkeo realised how they all join together to manifest into her life. Everything becomes an opportunity to practice, to play, to put a light on each instant of life, living in harmony with oneself and the world.

She aspires to share all this and more in her sessions !

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”




Every Monday from 9.30 to 11 am (Paris time). Thanks for arriving in advance so as to start on time.


We will use Zoom to connect. The link will be sent to you once you register.


Open and conscious fare. You give what resonates right for you.

I wholeheartedly share this spaces for practicing and on your side, I’d like you to be able to contribute with consciousness: according to the value you give to what you’ve received, regarding your own financial resources and of course, your pleasure to give. I like to tell myself that this choice you’re making is already a teaching in itself. Here is an article I wrote about this Believing in giving from the heart with "conscious and open" contribution.

After the event, an email with different ways to financially contribute will be sent to you if you attend for the first time.


Flexible and loose around the waist to allow abdominal breathing


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