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Wed, Sep 30


Online via the Zoom app


Open session where the meditation depth harmonises with the presence of each participant.

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Sep 30, 2020, 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM GMT+2

Online via the Zoom app


Life circumstances are inviting us to ‘come back home’ and likely to what is essential to us. It can also be an opportunity to ‘pause’ and to explore our internal world which can be frightening sometimes (because of the unknown territories) and yet so rich and full of sense.

Getting to know this world allows us to feel more serenity, strength, trust, freedom and joy.


According to me, unexpected, difficult or unfathomable situations are an opportunity to go further into the discovery of my own spaces of consciousness to get closer and more aligned with myself.

Therefore, it was obvious to me that offering different online meditations are essential. We can gather and explore these inner spaces together to keep going forward, face obstacles, support each other but also accept the unknown of this uncertain time.


Beginner or more advanced, we’re practicing in a group energy where according to the openness of your own spaces of consciousness and acceptance, meditation can happen.



Every Monday from 18h30 to 19h30 and every Wednesday from 09h30 to 10h30. Thanks for arriving in advance so as to start on time.



Online via the Zoom app. The link will be sent to you once you register.



Open and conscious fare. You give what resonates right for you.

I wholeheartedly share this spaces for practicing and on your side, I’d like you to be able to contribute with consciousness: according to the value you give to what you’ve received, regarding your own financial resources and of course, your pleasure to give. I like to tell myself that this choice you’re making is already a teaching in itself.



Comfortable clothes to leave space for abdomen breathing.


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