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My first 3 months at Le Champ du Présent

Updated: May 19, 2023

(to see the pictures, it is much better with the computer)

That's it! We have well landed on the spot! It's not all restful, it's even dense and intense, but when I see all the potential and this learning of "living together", I feel I'm in my right place! Long live to our shared humanity 🤗

Between rain, fog, sunshine, hail, thunderstorms, blue sky, immensely white or black clouds, like the weather, my emotional states have fluctuated enormously during these last months. My nose to the grindstone, losing my bearings in this new living place : new roads to explore, listening to a nature so vast and full of surprises, arranging a small cosy nest, living 24 hours a day with my new tribe of 4 adults + 2 children + a cat!

Plus, back and forth trips to Paris! So many adventures!

Patience... Listening... Receptivity...

Letting go of my safety patterns of the known,

Accepting to lose my bearings,

Stop trying to control,

Acknowledging my vulnerability,

Opening to the new!

Again and again... breathing deeply, returning to this breath of life

that caresses my heart and brings me back to my rightness.

All the conditions are met, because Love is already here!

Thank you to the whole tribe,

to all the energies present and to all your vibes brought by the wind 💓

House moving

Arrival & Celebration

Planning & Construction... and open-air library!

Together, it is joyful and helpful !

Mother Nature, my great ally in finding vast spaciousness, in continuing to expand into the infinite...

Click here to see the video of my taiji practice in communion.

This is a small summary of what's going on here, but I promise I'll give news more often, because I believe the transformation process happening in each of us, in this human odyssey, deserves to be shared a little bit more, it can be helpful for others 🦋

A little teaser of my new vocation of beekeeper. In French, we say "apicultrice" and you often see in my title HappyCultrice, which is a play on words that means "cultivating happiness".

Now I'm becoming a HappyCultrice/Apicultrice.

I'm falling in love with these fantastic bees, naturally meant to be 🐝 ☺️

My very first honey harvest in our school-apiary! I will tell you more soon 😉

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