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Respire ! Show in nature with Cathleen, Phounkeo, Laurent & Renaud

A dance-music-painting-nature fusion where the mind falls silent and creation springs forth from a space of connection beyond oneself, in co-creation, in love for what is present, right here, right now!

Gratitude for having been able to live this magnificent experience with beautiful soul-friends 💓🎶🤗 And there will be more to come 😉

Thank you for your support!

30th years Festival celebration of Les Temps du Corps. We are honored by this invitation and thankful for all the organisation.

Cathleen Gay: Ink

Phounkeo Phayvong: Dance

Laurent Abecassis: Trumpet, Guitar, Flute

Renaud Gay: Didgeridoo, Hulusi, Bass drum, Ney

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